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A company based on networking in the styles and fashions industry since 2007, reestablished in 2014 after the passing of our founder (David Hamilton). 


Focusing on Glamour, Fashion, and Elegance while providing a safe and well coordinated Photo Shoot. 


Models - Photographers - Hair / Make-up artists - Graphic Designers - Artists - Actors - Singers - Wardrobe Specialists Clothing Designers - Club Owners - Fashion Show Organizers - Promoters - Boutiques - Video Producers - Small Business Owners - National Brands -

and all industry seeking individuals that want to be a part of this fascinating business of creation and innovation.


House Of Style brings these industry people together to give and gain experience, and to get all of those involved in the portfolio building process. Whatever your goal and direction is in the Entertainment Business, you need a presence and experience getting it, this is what House of Style Productions, LLC. is  designed to accomplish.


So, whether your looking for a place to start in modeling - photography ... or to break into the fashion and styles industry, or any other related Entertainment Business , House Of Style is 100% aimed at networking and building your presence, and amazing portfolios.

We also work with talent on promoting, marketing, and building  awareness.

We give experience in posing coaching and building a diversity of looks for all walks of the entertainment industry. 


So.... You're asking "Where Do I Start?"


House Of Style Productions ® ™  is NOT an agency or a school.....  

House Of Style Productions ®  offers you the very best in Business Networking and Portfolio Building in the Fashion and Styles arena, helping to develop - create - and present amazing models -  photographers - developing stylists - professional stylists - designers and industry seekers all over the planet.
We're organized, professional, and offer a safe environment for artists interested in portfolio building, networking, and facilitating opportunities in the Fashion and Styles industry.  As you know, experience is the platform to success.

So, whether you're a model, photographer, stylist, designer, or industry seeking individual that is looking for your niche into this amazing industry, you have come to the right place to get started.

House Of Style Productions ®   has created a new way to enhance our industry by offering  portfolio building sessions - fashion shows - and networking by facilitating opportunities to those in our industry through House Of Style Events and Sessions... All while building strong portfolios for all who choose to participate with our company. 

Regardless of what part you want to play - in front of - or behind the camera.... The answer to your question:

 You have already found your Answer!

Contact us today...













House Of Style Productions, LLC 

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