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Hair Stylists / Make Up Artists

 Imagine shooting with a real company organized with the ability to guarantee you will receive images of the work you help create...

If you take part in our shoots, you will receive images of your work, GUARANTEED... and we promote and market your work, and create networking possibilities galore.

You will put in a long day of creating looks in a TFP environment... You will sweat a little... You will get to do on camera site touch ups ... You will work directly with photographers and the camera floor crew to help make a shoot perfect, but the pictures that come from our shoots will be epic. Your portfolio will grow just as golden as each model and photographer............

Doors will open and opportunities will present themselves at every shoot !

The House Of Style Glam Squad is the best networking in the world whether your new - up and coming or professional, you will gain amazing experience at our shoots. We not only have you at the shoots networking directly with the photographers and stylists that are always looking to hire you for your services at their shoots, we also have you on the shooting floor working with the models that you helped create for the days shoot. You then become a wardrobe stylists as you do touch ups on site to make the shooting experience complete.

Feel free to check our schedule and attend one of our shoots and see what House Of Style can do for you!



*Please submit atleast 3 Images of your most recent work and a brief bio to the email below:


Style Team

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