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 Brands..... with a name and an image, just being at a House Of Style Session - Event - Shoot - will result in new foot traffic into your place of business and on line as well,  we will give you exposure in a variety of ways.

You will have new pictures and networking capabilities to help you promote and market your brand in an innovative way for advertising, your web site, facebook, twitter, etc... you will have access to pictures to promote and market your business, and built in models to do the work you don't have to worry about!!!  Not to mention,  your at the sessions to help create your tomorrow.


Image is everything, and your presence will enhance it's growth. To hire (1) photographer (1) model, (1) hair stylist, and secure a location to shoot for 8 hours to create 100 pictures for you to use in your advertising would cost $200 to $1000... and with House Of Style Productions LLC involvement, in some cases your only cost is what it takes in gas to get to the session. For professional branding, In some cases city directors may have a small charge for you to take part in sessions, however, there is no close competition for what we offer. Working with House Of Style Productions will not only result in new potential costumers walking in and out of your store, you will also get amazing images to use to help create amazing print ads, store posters, web site advertising, business cards, any form of building the look you need to present...... 


Working with House Of Style Productions opens these doors, not to mention networking with all who participate in our sessions. The experience is incredible and the oppertunity is priceless. 

 Building long lasting working relationships with ALL in the Fashion industry.





Boutique Owners - Clothing Stores -  Designers

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