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Imagine a full day of shooting where you are encouraged to network with photographers you can trust, clothing designers that work to make you look portfolio ready in wardrobe, hair and make-up, and all who work together to define what is today, while we create tomorrow. 

You don't have to secure a place to shoot, you don't have to worry about dealing with photographer fees, and lastly, you don't have to set up a shoot with make-up, hair, and wardrobe on location, because we do it for you.

A professionally hair stylist for a shoot could cost $100 - $150 alone... 

Imagine shooting with photographers you can talk to and network  with (unlike agencies) and you can actually hire after a House Of Style shoot if you like their style......

Imagine being able to network with make up artists and hair stylists you can talk to and work with as you build your portfolio... (unlike agencies) you actually play a strongerr role in helping discover and define yourself.

Our Style Team (make up artists and stylists) still have creative control, but you get to play a stronger role in your development than ever before.....

Imagine not having to worry about release agreements from different photographers....

We cover all agreements and protect everyone that participates in our shoots to make sure nobody's work is sold or abused. Imagine having an actual portfolio in development after your first shoot with House Of Style .......

And House Of Style is not just for new up and coming models....

We refresh portfolios, give posing coaching,  promote an enormous amout of networking in our online Networks and during each shoot and as always




Check out the images below, You'll find just a few examples of each models day of shooting with House Of Style.


*To register Please submit 3 Recent Images, Your Age, Height, Weight, Shoe size and a brief bio if experienced or goals if just starting out. 

16 and older welcome with parent present to sign concent forms if under 18.



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