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Company Shoot Policy and Protocol




Please note, House of Style Productions offers a 3 looks shoot, more if time is permitting. Once you have paid for a session with House Of Style Productions LLC, there are no refunds, as you hold a valuable spot with House Of Style that we can not offer to someone else once you have secured a spot to participate. If you cancel a session 7 days prior to a shoot due to an emergency, we will review the cancellation and may offer a credit to a future shoot. You are not paying for images or any material product; when submitting a payment, you are paying for HOSP's service to provide an opportunity to network and grow in our industry through experience in a real time ( media - fashion - style ) setting and atmosphere. All aspects of the shoot environment:  hair - make up - styling - posing coaching - photography - video - and opportunities that arise are all part of the networking environment you are provided to be apart of. 

All participants are asked to carry out some form of networking skill. Stylists / MUA's / Wardrobe and Glam Squad:


Photographers carry a networking obligation to send images to models ( VIA - E-mail ) within 30 business days of our shoots, and all in support - hair - make up - wardrobe - and venue ownership will also receive images as well. (Email list provided following shoot date.)

All participants who take part in our networking events / shoots / parties / have the right to use imagery / pictures - to promote and market personal likeness in portfolios - personal web sites - business cards - hard cover portfolio - on line portfolio marketing sites like Facebook / Linkedin. We prohibit the sale of images from our shoots to any source. Meaning, you may not sell images to Nike for commercial usage  /  selling the likeness of an attendee for monetary gain is prohibited.


Everyone who attends our shoots will also be asked to sign a release agreement that protects all involved; models, photographers, support, guests, and House Of Style Productions LLC. House Of Style prohibits the selling of any and all images derived from our shoots for the protection of all involved in our shoots.

 House Of Style Release Agreements are no less or greater than release agreements that of Disney - Universal - Theme Parks - NFL / NBA Sporting Events / House Of Style assumes and claims all copyright value from any and all imagery from all events that take place; this is for the protection of all attendees - venues - businesses - and their likeness. In part, all who take part in helping create the images own the images equally to use in portfolio, web sites, business cards, facebook, etc..... the selling of any image or likeness of House Of Style attendees is prohibited.


New addendum to our release agreements
House Of Style offers copyright back to photographers as long as all who take part in creating the image agree to write the image off and also agree the photographer can claim the image as his/hers solely to sell; as long as all who have helped create the image are fully aware of where the image is being sold, for instance; a photographer that wants sell his work at an art show, permission must receive permission from all involved in creating the image... as a hair stylist, make up artist, and designer all helped create the image as well.

House Of Style believes in fairness to have all who help create the images equally assume user-ship in the images to help promote and market their likeness.

If you are unsure of our release agreement, please inquire within by contacting the regional director of operations.

Thank you for your participation or your interest in House Of Style Productions LLC.



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